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4 reasons to select a more reliable garage door provider

4 reasons to select a more reliable garage door provider

Consider the following reasons to contact Complete Overhead Door Systems:

  1. You have new drivers in the family – once your teens get their licenses, you’ll need multiple garage door remotes.
  2. A rookie driver crashed into your door – we’ll gladly replace damaged garage door panels.
  3. You’d like extra security – our technicians can set up remote access technology and install additional security features.
  4. You can’t keep track of your remote – sync the garage door system with your phone, and you’ll never get locked out again.
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Are you tired of getting out of your car to open the garage door? When your garage remote stops working, it’s time for a system upgrade. Don’t just replace the remote – replace the entire garage door. Complete Overhead Door Systems utilizes industry-specific software to show you the benefits of a number of different garage door designs.

You can easily compare the pricing and benefits of numerous brands. However, we’re proud to recommend Raynor doors to all our Fuquay-Varina clients. Most modern systems even feature smart technology. Just call us at 919-348-6458 to sync your garage door with your phone, iPad, computer or tablet. You’ll receive a warranty on all our repairs and products. Additionally, we conduct a 12-point safety inspection of everything we install.